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I am your one stop web designer and digital marketing expert all rolled into one. Based in the Southside of Glasgow I can help you with all aspects of your online presence. Really what I can help you improve is your online presence in Glasgow and anywhere else for the matter in the UK. As a Glasgow based online presence professional I regularly deal with web design, web hosting issues, website security, SEO, PPC, SMM and content marketing etc. for many businesses throughout Glasgow and the UK.

If you want to discuss a project then give me a call on 01413780881 or email me on info@amigowebdesign.co.uk. It would be better to call me as I can then give your proposal a more accurate assessment and give you some advice and prices for web design, web maintenance or digital marketing suited to your situation.

Let's Move To Your Interest What Can I Do For You?

Domain Name Research & Registration

The first step and an extremely important step in launching your website which can impact your future chances of success in a big way.

The right domain name for your website can be the difference between a successful online presence and a poor one.

Picking a domain name sounds easy but actually finding one that’s original, suited to your purpose and not already taken Isn’t easy.

We can help you with this stage and make it as easy as possible to get this step right.

Web Design Glasgow
Web Hosting Glasgow

Web Hosting & Configuration

Sourcing and setting up your hosting for your site is the next step in having a functional website for your business on the internet.

This may sound straight forward enough but if you need WordPress hosting or certain scripts

to run on your site then proper web hosting setup and configuration is essential otherwise the site simply won’t work.

We can setup your hosting in a secure and practical manner ensuring things can run smoothly in future.

Web Design

Researching and designing the best possible site for you based on what your market and competitors are doing and your own vision of course.

It’s easy enough to throw up a site on the internet with a basic thought about the website structure and some simple articles but that would be a mistake. There are over 200 million active websites in the internet. A simple site will just sit there and do nothing for you or your business.

Researching the who, what, why, where, when, how and ifs of your site will allow you to make a site that is ready to rock the web and make you stand out from the crowd.

Web Design Glasgow
SEO Glasgow

Web Marketing – Promoting your site and business on the web

With the sheer quantity of competition on the internet it would be a mistake to assume simply launching a site in the web is all you need to do to get customers.

Right now if we were to talk about the 3 most powerful and measurable marketing models in the world then that would be either SEO, PPC or SMM.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and SMM stands for Social Media Marketing.

SEO involves improving your site in such a fashion that it ranks highly in search engine results. Once your site reaches the top of the search results in google for example you will start to naturally get calls from people actively interested in your product or service.

This is not an easy thing to do. There is a ton of competition out there and if you DIY it then 9/10 times you will regret it.

We are very good at SEO. You might think how do I know he’s not just saying that?

Simple. I can show you how.

I can show website after website that I’ve got to the front page of google among hundreds of competitors including competitors such as national companies.

Pay Per Click is Google’s paid search engine marketing platform for advertising. This marketing technique allows you to leapfrog SEO and get to the first page quickly. I always say to people that it works and sometimes very well but in my experience not on its own as it can be very cost competitive where working hard and smart are both required. A national competitor can come in and wipe you out quite quickly if you don’t know what you your doing. Still this is a handy way to get results when done right.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is very popular these days with almost 2/3s of social media spend spent on Facebook.

You can try to gain customers organically or via spending on ad campaigns. Both work but as with all things ad campaigns are getting more and more popular. The power of SMM can result in instant enquiries and very targeted marketing spend.

We can help you run laser focussed SMM campaigns with a proper strategy avoiding burning time and money for sake of it.

Website Backup & Security

You have no idea how common it is for websites to get hacked. It happens all the time. Also bugs in the software composing your site can occur literally at any time causing your site to go down or not work properly.

Proper backups and security scans are very important to make sure you don’t suffer loss or harm to your business

Sites can get delisted by search engines if they’ve been hacked and your customers can abandon your site if it’s not working properly costing you money and harming your brand.

We can scan and remove harmful files form your website as well as debug problems by going through all the files and removing or repairing errant code.

Web Security Glasgow

Why Choose Us?


We’ve built hundred of websites and our designers are familiar with all the common platforms out there used to build sites and the web design process.


We’ve got computer science degrees and have attended god knows how mag courses covering all aspects of web design and website management.

Friendly, honest and upfront about services and costs 

We chose amigo web design as our brand name as we wanted people to feel comfortable with us as their online presence advisors and not feel overwhelmed or daunting in dealing with us.

Value for money

Now I’m not saying cheap. If you want cheap you should keep your money in your pocket as nobody with serious online skills and knowhow is going to be cheap. It’s not worth it for them or you. You want a real proper online presence not a convincing facade.

Now at the same time don’t think we’re looking to take the mickey with inflated prices. All our prices are designed to reflect the real value we bring to making your site the best it can be for you and your business.

I know companies which rob people under the disguise of web design and do a much worse job than anyone else I know and I know ones that charge peanuts and don’t care if your happy with what you end up with.

I prefer to be realistic and do the best I can do for you in your given budget. Respectfully I don’t want you to waste your money and time or mine.

If you feel that you want to work with someone you can trust then do give me a call. I would love to use my experience and knowledge to help your business sky rocket.

What kinds of sites do we build?

There are different types of sites we can help you build. In the past we’ve built websites for financial services companies, small businesses (our specialty) and all kinds of ecommerce and online start-up’s.

We practise mobile first web design meaning that your site has to look good on mobile phones, tablets and PC’s a standard. So a basic idea of the kind of sites we can build lies below

Standard Informational Website

This is a normal website usually with 5-10 pages of content containing information about your business or organisation. With regards to interactivity contact forms, google maps integration, picture gallery and hypertext mark-up of relevant contact information is usually included as standard with this kind of site.

E-commerce Site

This is usually a fully fledged online shop which can have a product catalogue reaching into the thousands of products. We can integrate credit/debit card processing as well as direct debit payment processing if required. Online account opening for customers to make shopping easier is standard and as is account management.

Landing Page Site

This is usually a 1 page site designed to give your customer everything they need on the 1 page. This kind of site is great for event based businesses/organisations. Alternatively if you have a single product or service then it can work well for selling as well. It’s also great to push people into taking a certain action (e.g. sign up to a newsletter or call you etc.).

Blogging Sites

If you run a blog or are thinking of running one then we can help you design or redesign a site that helps to engage your audience.

Directory Style Sites

These are normally sites with a great deal of interactivity allowing you to post listings of some sort dealing in whatever niche you can think of. Job boards, property, cars, businesses for sale, dating, wherever else you can think of we’ve pretty much been involved with before.

Online Forums & Community Sites

This can be a place for people from a specific area or interested in specific topic to interact with one another. If you have something a bit more custom then let me know and I should be able to help you or point you in the right direction. You can get me on 01413780881 Monday to Friday or weekends for enquiries during normal office hours.

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