About Us

We started in 2016 with a mission to do real web design for business owners in Glasgow and the UK.

I found that a lot of companies out there did not offer a proper full package service. Now there were plenty of people who just did web design and others who did digital marketing but very few were pros at both.

Those that claimed to be pros at both are few and far in between and many of them either subcontracted the work or weren’t as good as they claimed. My 2 man team consists of a web designer/coder and a digital marketing expert with experience in Google and Facebook marketing.

We cover subject areas as diverse as branding, graphic design, market research, website design and development to digital marketing such as content marketing, SEO, PPC management, email marketing and SMM.

We are not tied into specific vendors or services meaning you get access to all the different tools and techniques in the market. The good thing about the both of us is that we are real experts in what we do and can really help you with your whole online presence.

An educational experience

When I work with you to build a website I don’t just give you wishy washy answers. I’m happy to explain in depth what’s going on and why we do it.

Quite often I’ll discuss any & all aspects of online marketing with you that I feel will be beneficial to you without selling you anything. You learn as you go and become a better marketer yourself as a result.

An experienced approach

They say when you’ve done something before it becomes a lot easier to do the next time and time after that.

I’ve worked with all sorts of businesses and organisations developing their ideas and brands into concrete showpieces for the world to see. I’ve helped people go from zero revenue to thousands within months just from their website.

More than once I should add

I’ve saved people from making big mistakes and trusting the wrong people when advertising. Those very people have repaid my honesty and help with long term mutually beneficial relationships.

It’s because I have been through these processes repeatedly that I’ve learned what to do and what not to do.

A collaboration

At the end of the day I always say to people that you are the one that is ultimately responsible for success and failure online.

That means that when you come to me as a client we have to work together. Not that I just do my magic and you sit back and the customers come in.

It just doesn’t work like that

But. With me I’m confident your odds of success do go up significantly when you follow the process that I go through with clients to get them where they want to be.

I’m easy to talk to

One last thing I am not a salesman. I don’t sell people stuff they don’t need.

The most convincing value is always created when the solution is focussed on your bottom line and not mine.

All our websites are:

  • Fast loading
  • Attractive to look at
  • Optimised for your target market
  • Not overpriced
  • Built with security and stability in mind
  • Built with scalability in mind for future growth

Give me a call on 01413780881 and we’ll see what we can do together