Graphic Design / Video Design Glasgow

Graphic Design / Video Design Glasgow

Here at amigo web design Glasgow we’ve designed hundreds of different types of graphics and videos for websites for businesses in Glasgow and throughout the UK.

These include:

  • Logos – a catchy logo can help your business stand out from amongst the crowd and instantly convey the message you want potential customers to see.
  • Custom Website Graphics – Aside from the logo your website can often need banners, social media graphics and many other types of images to break up text and help your customers understand your product or service better.
  • Social Media Graphics – Virtually all social media marketing involves some form of imagery. The right image will make people click on your ad and remember your ad as well.
  • Infographics – These have become popular over the years as a means of conveying a large amount of information in a graphical and easy to understand manner.
  • Presentational /Educational Videos – We are experienced in making all manners of short videos to get your message to potential customers.

Our graphic design service can also cover the design and production of business cards and flyers.

With regards to videos we have in the past made whiteboard style sketches, animated videos, HD quality cinematic videos & Simple presentational style videos.

Videos are a great tool to increase your social media shares and promote your business.

In fact they say that video marketing is the future of the internet with 69% of all content produced on the internet in the future to be videos.

Also client conversion is much higher when video is used to get customers to buy your product or service. In some cases up to a 70% Client conversion rate has been reported.

If you need help with creating graphics or videos for your website or digital l marketing then feel to call me on 01413780881.