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Website design in Glasgow or anywhere else for that matter takes great care and effort.

Now before I run off to tell you why we are so great and why you should work with us I feel I should give you some information about web design in general so that you can make a somewhat informed decision.

Please don’t mind my straight taking attitude. it’s just over the years I’ve found people prefer talking to me in a relaxed manner where they can really share their vision with me as opposed to a very formal office like environment where you can be intimidated and not able to speak your mind.

If you prefer to chat directly just call me on 01413780881 and we can talk about your project and related ideas.

Websites that work for Glasgow businesses

In online marketing circles we talk a lot about conversion rates or bounce rate.

That’s the number of people who go on your website and subsequently buy from you (conversion rate) or looking at it the other way the number of people who go on your website and don’t buy from you (bounce rate).

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that a proper professional website is going to have a higher conversion rate than some rubbish site that your mates nephew made for you.

There are 2 ways you can create a site for your business.

One way is to try to build your own site and the other is to go to a professional web design company and have them design and build your site.

Both have advantages and disadvantages depending on what your after. I know I am biased as I am selling a web design service but I honestly have to say that using a professional is always a good choice in the long run as compared to do it yourself.

Regardless of my opinion I will give you a brief overview of the pros and cons of web design in Glasgow:

If your building your own site their are a range of options.

You could try to make it yourself either through hand coding it or using a standard off the shelf cms (content management system) which a lot of other web designers use.

Both however require a high degree of technical know how and even if you go through the learning curve of being able to use such methods you’ll be far from an expert with a secure and properly functioning website.

Another method of course is to use a drag and drop website builder with ready made templates. These have become quite popular over the years.

Some advantages include:

  • It’s usually quite easy to setup and use the DIY software you find (but not always!)
  • Usually not too expensive (around £50 -£200 on average)
  • Sometimes the templates are quite nice (all the work is done via template.

However there are huge hidden problems with this strategy: 

Disadvantages include:

  • It’s very hard to customise the site for the look and feel you want in a lot of occasions. They have limited options for a lot of things so you can’t easily get exactly what you want in your site.
  • They don’t lend themselves well to SEO (getting on the first page of google) or other digital marketing efforts. This is a BIG reason why if your serious about your online presence that you should avoid using this strategy.
  • You are stuck with the one company and their software which may or may not be regularly updated. Poor security, taking too long to load and bugs can all creep up with time and if somebodies not on top of this then your site can deteriorate very quickly.
  • You are usually hosted on their servers. This means that if there are any problems on their end and your website goes down you are stuck with them until they get back online.
  • Also it’s very hard to transfer your hosting from them to anywhere else as most other website hosts won’t accommodate their software AND you may have to rebuild your site from scratch. A professionally built website should be easy enough to use on any hosting you want. This means you can switch website hosting easily without too much pain. This is also a BIG one as when the ** hits the fan and your site goes down you can move quickly and painlessly to another platform without too much damage to your business.
  • Most people think that because it’s DIY that they have complete control and it’s better as you don’t have to rely on a professional. That’s wrong. You have less control over the site than you think with poor ready made templates, no customisation options for the site itself and a host of other problems.

A proper professional offers BIG advantages:

  • They have huge experience in building sites to all manners of specs and styles.
  • They can advise you on the best course of action when launching your website and how best to build it to accommodate future business growth and marketing. This could save you a fortune in the long run as you avoid a lot of rookie errors which can cost you big further down the line.
  • They have access to software and tools from the entire market in most cases allowing them to build a website that is not tied to one provider or them. This gives you great flexibility in the long run.

In a world as competitive as today’s to take any risks with your website and digital presence is a bad idea as people and business more equipped for online success than yours will annihilate all your efforts and take market share by dominating all the advertising space out there and giving website users a vastly better user experience than yours.


Think about it. If your online, searching for a product or service, who would you feel comfortable doing business with?

The one with a website that loads quickly, has not been hacked and doesn’t have software bugs in it and has a clear crisp and modern look with well written content…


One that takes an age to load, doesn’t work the way you expect it to and looks poorly designed and made?

9/10 people will do business with the first after all the first impression indeed is the last impression.

People don’t have time to find out how great your product or service is.

They make judgements very quickly on how you present yourself.

So want to look as good as possible.

The only reason your going to DIY it in most cases is to save money.

This is quite often false economy. In other words you end up doing more harm than good as in the long run it becomes more costly.

Think very carefully as the only conceivable benefit I can think of is that you’ll have a website that existing customers can go to get more information on your business.

At this stage it could be a waste of money and the one thing you want to do as a business is not waste money!

Professionals who do it right the first time.

As I said before first impressions count.

What we really do is specialise in making sites that have a high potential of making money for you. We’re experts in making sites that generate money for their owner.

I can show you loads of examples of existing customers we have built profit generating sites for.

We’ve got good at this what with the years of experience, trial and error, vast amounts of reading and research, loads of talks and discussion with like minded (and not so like minded) professionals that we’ve done.

If your serious about your business or organisation then I’m seriously confident I can help you with your online presence.

I do web design in Glasgow and Scotland as well as further a field all over England from London to Nottingham to Cornwall!

I also help those website owners generate real returns on their web investment through carefully crafted digital marketing strategies.

If I’ve sold you by now then great.

A website launch or redesign is not something that can be sorted just by email. It’s best to speak to me direct and then we can take it from there.

The best number to call me on is 01413780881

Time to crack on with achieving your business goals.